Specialist Programs

At Pearsall Primary School we are committed to developing not only the academic but also the social, emotional and physical well being of our students. Our goal is to enable them to be the best people they can be. Below are some of the specialist programs that are run to help develop the whole child and allow our students to experience success in areas that may fall outside of core subject areas.


The music program at Pearsall, aims to inspire and engage students through explicit teaching (making learning goals and steps clear), providing a contemporary program which provides students with opportunities to create, experiment, innovate, practice, perform and then reflect on their own and others’ work to provide feedback. “At the heart of everything that we do is creativity, kindness, respect and teamwork.”

 The Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline is used to plan, teach, and assess skills. Pearsall’s music room is a large and cheerful space which is well-resourced, in terms of both instruments and technology. Parents are able to follow the music room on Connect, to receive regular notifications.

All students from Pre-Primary through to Year 6 attend a weekly music lesson and learn to:

  • enjoy and appreciate music and dance from different genres, era and cultures
  • use music to express themselves and support their physical, emotional and mental health
  • set and achieve personal goals
  • sing with an awareness of pitch, dynamics and timing
  • develop ideas and create original performances, integrating literacy into rap and song-writing
  • play bucket drums, tuned and untuned percussion, ukuleles, recorders and keyboards
  • develop responsibility, confidence, perseverance and resilience
  • practice microphone use, presentation and performance skills
  • work in groups, listen actively and have respectful audience skillsInstrumental Program (Year 5 and 6) and Band
    Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) currently provide weekly brass, flute and clarinet lessons to students who are selected, based on their interest, ability and the results of a Music Aptitude test which all Year 4 students take in Term 3. All IMSS students attend weekly band practice within the school timetable, which provides them with an opportunity to enjoy and extend their skills. Students with excellent instrumental skills in other year groups (Year 3 upwards) may audition to join the band.Choir
    Students in Years 4 to 6 may opt to attend choir on Fridays and need to commit to regular practice so they can represent Pearsall at the One Big Voice event in August.Leadership opportunities
    Year 6 music leaders apply for their positions and are responsible for coordinating sound and technology requirements at fortnightly assemblies. Students across all year groups are encouraged to contribute ideas, talents and suggestions for ways to make Pearsall’s music program as engaging and inclusive as possible. Students have input to community song selection, assemblies, topics covered in class lessons, lunch clubs and help to host community events such as Leadership Day, Mother’s Day, flash-mobs, talent shows and the tremendously popular Christmas Concert.


Physical Education

At Pearsall we have an experienced and motivated Physical Education Specialist who provides a comprehensive physical activity program for students in years PP-6.

Our programs are designed to provide maximum physical activity time within the class period. This enables the student to become more skilled, knowledgeable and physically fit. They become confident in their abilities and are happy to engage in any activity provided within the class or after school and at the weekend. Our goal is to develop a love of movement and an understanding of the health benefits of staying physically active.

Fundamental Movement Skills are taught explicitly to our younger students as these are the building blocks for all physical activities and games further up the school and later in life. These skills include body management, locomotion and manipulation of objects. Modified games allow for the transferal of individual skills into games and then by year 5 and 6 students are playing a variety of sports. An afternoon of senior sport allows our older students to partake in competitive games against each other.

Each year Pearsall holds a number of whole school events including cross country, jumps and throws and our much anticipated Faction Carnival. These events are very well attended by parents and friends of our students. From these carnivals students are selected onto our inter school teams, competing against other schools in our network. We are also involved in a local T20 Cricket Blast competition.

Pearsall has recently joined the Sporting Schools Program. This allows us to have coaches from local clubs come and take sessions with our students whilst promoting their sport and their club. Students have been exposed to sports that are not traditionally taught at primary school as well as gaining new skills in those sports already learned. The Sporting Schools Program has created a strong link to the outside sporting community.



Our science specialist does provide a program that creates a high level of engagement from students. Students are involved with a range of science investigations in a designated science room.

A range of initiatives take place to generate interest in the learning area including:

  • Bee Hotel Making
  • Lunch time science lessons
  • Fisheries beach excursions
  • STEM sessions
  • Chick hatching
  • Solar car challenge



The French language is taught across the school from Year 3 to Year 5.

A number of whole school activities take place including sticker competitions and Bastille Day to showcase French language skills.

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