Welcome to Pearsall Primary School


We set a high standard for academic, social and emotional achievement for all. We provide a contemporary learning environment where teaching programs are based upon current research and evidence based practices. Our staff provide explicit instruction in the development of skills. An important focus is the establishment of routines and procedures throughout the school to ensure a caring, orderly and supportive place in which students can achieve their potential.

There is constant screening to identify student needs as there is the knowledge that intervention is most successful in the early years. Phonics teaching is taught in a highly effective manner to provide necessary literacy skills. Our logo is a circle of books that recognize the significant importance we place on literacy in our school. A focus on the development of a reading culture is a central theme to the school curriculum.

Our motto is Excellence Every Day. This quality is the cornerstone of all that we do. We are committed to high quality teaching and learning with a relentless drive to support the success of every students, today and into the future.

Gary Payne


New School Phone Number: 6207 3900

Dental Clinic Phone Number: 9405 3405


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